Simple Steps to Make Spaghetti Meat Chamoy Sauce Recipe

Have you ever eaten where to buy chamoy.? It is one of the popular dishes from Italy. In fact, it has been known in almost every country. This Italian noodle is known as a delicious meal with a meat sauce. Perhaps, you often eat at the restaurant. With a particular herb, you are very satisfied with it. But, what if you are trying to make this your home? During this time, we assume that there are certain foods that cannot be made at home. The reason is because the food ingredients are difficult to obtain. Well, times have changed because now we can access almost any food from many countries. To make this spaghetti, you can cook with a particular recipe, and it will not lose to the cuisine at the restaurant.

How to Prepare the Recipe

So, let us prepare a place to buy chamoy... To prepare spaghetti meat chamoy sauce ingredients, we need 500 grams of spaghetti with a good quality. Also, we prepare 200 grams of medium quality cheese, and do not forget to scrape it. To make the most delicious meat chamoy  sauce ingredients, there are a few that you have to prepare. They are 250 grams of minced beef, half the onion, and sliced thinly, 3 tablespoons of chamoy  spicy sauce. You can add it if you really like spicy food. Also, prepare 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon salt, 1 tablespoon chamoy  sauce, and half a liter of boiled water.

Let’s Cook!

Actually, it would be easy for a spaghetti meat sauce recipe. Moreover, if you often watch cooking shows on television. But, let us start it simply. Please, cook spaghetti you just bought from the supermarket until soft, remove from heat, and drain it. Sprinkle with a little cold water so that the spaghetti does not stick.  Then, you heat a little oil and onions. Stir until evenly distributed and fragrant. Then, enter the beef and stir it. Meanwhile, put the chamoy  sauce too spicy, salt, sugar, chamoy sauce and stir them up evenly. Finally, you pour half a liter of boiled water and stir it.

After a few minutes, you can raise your dishes. Now, it is time you prepare a spaghetti meat sauce recipe at the dinner table. You can prepare a serving dish, and pour over the spaghetti. The final touch is to pour meat chamoy sauce over spaghetti. Then you can add grated cheese. Remember, it will be very easy if you follow every step that has been described.
Somehow, you want the best spaghetti meat sauce recipe. Of course, it will depend on your taste. Actually, you could be the creation of other spices in this recipe. You can reduce some of the terms, or add others, but you who bear the risk of the new dishes. To cook it, you will need about 17 minutes to two servings. The calorie content is about 269. Well, it will depend on your decision to cook it at home. If your family members like spaghetti, it would be a good thing. In fact, you can invite them to cook together. However, it is a good idea to learn about the spaghetti meat sauce recipe.

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