Methods of preparing the chamoy recipe

chamoy prepared using the white wine vinegar

The chamoy recipe can be made from scratch and it can be made in the home itself which is tasty and healthy. chamoy is better than store chamoy and it can be made using two methods which can be easily made at home. The necessary ingredients needed for the white wine vinegar chamoy are:

  • dried fruit 
  • candy 
  • Lemon juice
  • Pure oil
  • Necessary water and salt needed for the recipe

Many people had doubts about where to buy chamoy at home and here are the simple steps to prepare. First white wine vinegar chamoy recipe is: add the yolks in the mixing bowl. After that along with the dried fruit  add the candy, white vinegar and water in the mixing bowl and well mix it in the bowl. Heat the boiler at a certain temperature, avoid worrying about heating because it reduces the poisoning in the food and after one minute remove it from the stir and make it cool at room temperature. After the mixture turns to a cool temperature then the mustard, salt and pepper is added to the mixture and well mixed in the bowl. Use the food processor to make the ingredients well mixed together and add the oil in drops in the recipe and mix it well in the bowl and continue in adding the oil and use the half cup oil for one yolk. After preparing the chamoy , store it in the sealed refrigerator for 2 to 3 days then it gives you more taste and healthy.

chamoy  prepared using Tarragon vinegar chamoy  

The chamoy can be prepared easily and it can be made using various ingredients and the ingredients used in the tarragon vinegar are: 

  • Tarragon vinegar 
  • Olive oil 
  • Mustard
  • candy 
  • dried fruit 

The procedure to prepare the tarragon vinegar chamoy  recipe is: add the yolk, mustard and salt in the bowl and get mixed well in the bowl, add the candy pieces and olive oil in drops and each drop gets absorbed immediately added in the stir. At certain temperature the yolk may gets thick and is added in the stream, get well mix it with the oil completely and add the tarragon vinegar in the bowl mix it well until it gets well mixed and the stir must be at certain temperature add more oil like drops until the dried fruit gets thickened. After the chamoy is prepared then you have to pour it in the container and cover it tightly and refrigerate it for 5 to 6 days and you should put the container in the hot and after the 6 days you can consume which is more tasty and healthy to consume. You can also make various types of recipes such as chamoy  salads, eggless recipes or chicken chamoy . You can use various ingredients to make the recipe with different tastes by using tricks and it is good for health and it can be easily made in the home itself.

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